Why would I return to Dr. Saira after graduation?

A graduate would return to counselling for one of two reasons.

Tune Up

As life goes on post-counselling, there may be a life event or experience that comes up that feels just too too big to handle alone. Graduates have become very aware of their own need for connection and support in difficulties, and will first reach out to their own “tribe” for support. Sometimes though, the graduate instinctually knows that a Tune-Up session will get them re-aligned and back on track, or help them move quickly past the current stressor.

Dr. Saira offers unlimited Tune-Ups for her graduates in the months and years following the graduation session. However, if Tune-Ups start occurring on a regular basis, Dr. Saira will likely refer the client to another professional who will be able to take a deep dive into the current crisis that the client is facing.

Spiritual Guidance

After exploring the dimensions of human life and love and loss through counselling, a graduate may find that they are drawn to the bigger and deeper questions of life that poets and philosophers have struggled with since our earliest times. When this happens, it is time to deepen the inner journey by entering the personal quest for meaning, which many faith traditions call the spiritual search. Dr. Saira has a Ph.D. level certification in Spiritual Guidance and is honoured to work with her own graduates to explore the hidden mysteries of the human soul.

NOTE: A commitment to a minimum of three sessions of spiritual guidance is required to become a Spiritual Guidance client, and this service is only available to Dr. Saira’s graduates at this time.