What is Group Process?

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Group Process

Group process is the understanding of how groups of people come together, connect, interact, and disconnect.  It can also refer to how groups perform activities or tasks together.  In a workshop setting, an ideal facilitator would be professionally trained in understanding the dynamics of groups as well as group process in order to be inclusive and effective.

In a group context, there are some people who will emerge as natural leaders, others who will be supporters, and also those who will be problem-finders/solvers.  One of the dark sides of group process is the tendency for groups to create a scapegoat within the group.  A scapegoat someone that the group decides is different from them and doesn’t belong to the group.

Through thoughtful and skillful group settings, attuned group facilitators will be able to help groups to grow, be honest about their darker impulses, correct the tendency to scapegoat, and extend to a more-than-human capacity for inclusion, forgiveness, and healing.