What is a Somatic Psychology?

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Somatic psychology

Somatic psychology is a transpersonal modality that pays attention to the deep and inter-woven relationship of the body and the mind. Unlike traditional psychology that often separates the the mind away from the physical spaces in which it resides, somatic psychology sees the body as an expression of the desires and pain of the mind and spirit. The body tells a story, and the body never lies. Somatic therapists have been trained to pay attention to the body for clues about how to restore wellness and balance in all areas of the client’s life.

A psychosomatic cue is a slight or subtle change in the body in response to something being experienced in the room. The gesture may be obvious, such as crossing one’s arms in anger, or very subtle, such as scratching one’s nose with a middle finger. Someone trained in somatic psychology will be able to bring the client’s awareness of these gestures and changes right in the counselling room, and help the client understand the story that their body is trying to tell.