There is No Other Shoe


Truth Byte #6: It’s only too good to be true because you keep jinxing it.

In in modern times, many of us have replaced traditional religious frameworks with a new system of understanding our life events: the game of chance. We turned away from a belief in rewards and punishments doled out from some entity in the sky, and have started believing instead in a casino model of life. And this model also has certain rules. We say things like: “You are so lucky!” and “Just my luck” and “I guess his luck ran out”. We have these strange superstitions like “Bad things come in threes” and “It’s just a matter of time until (fill in your bad event here)”.  And many of us, when things are going well, find ourselves waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I am going to let you in on a little secret: there is no other shoe.

Rather than anticipating the next disaster, what if instead each one of us were to concentrate on what is really working right now? What a refreshing perspective that would be for our colleagues, our family members, and even those strangers we haven’t met yet. Because what happens when we are waiting to the next bad thing is that we usually miss the five other good things that happened in the meantime.

Of course there are ups and downs in life and I am not asking you to ignore or minimize your troubles.  But it would be nice, for a change, if we could tell each other what is great about our lives without fear corroding our happiness.  It would be nice if the women at my place of worship could lovingly compliment my sweet daughter’s pigtails without fear that they are casting the evil eye on her. It would be nice if when a stranger did something extraordinary for me I didn’t wonder if this is some kid of scam. It would be nice to just have a good life and not have to feel like someone will jinx it because, you know, this is just too good to be true.

So if you have been that naysayer that tends to point out all the pitfalls and obstacles, I would invite you to consider that there is an intelligent design to the universe. Good people just feel better inside, even when bad things happen to them. There is no cosmic bingo game going on, it’s more about whether you perceive your obstacles as hurdles or opportunities, and the meaning you make of the cards life hands you.

So are you feeling lucky?