How do you quiet you inner critic?

Let’s talk about the inner critic. We all have one. That little voice inside that stops us from taking risks, that finds the faults in every plan, that finds something to criticize us about, even on our best day. I ran in to mine this week, probably because I was having too much fun. Whenever life is good and I am really enjoying it, that pesky voice starts up. Inevitably, before long, that voice has slammed my self-esteem and brought clouds into my sunny day. The inner critic is a chameleon, changing forms and shapes so it’s hard to spot it. Perhaps your inner critic has become so loud that you are actually outwardly critical of others and terribly critical of yourself. As you read this, you may hear your own inner critic, who will either be denying every sentence (“Oh no, I am so OVER that!”) or using it as ammunition (“See, one MORE thing to work on…I am NEVER going to get it together!). Stay with me till the end, and you will have some tools to disarm and transform the inner critic. Read More