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How can you thrive in today’s economy?

In the olden days, we used to protect our businesses. We used to have secret sauces, trade secrets, and hidden dimensions in our companies, communities, and families. There were some proverbs about dirty laundry and early birds catching worms, and we competed to get ahead in our own industry, while blocking the competition. I have learned that the old model no longer works. Why? Because that old model is rooted in two dysfunctional concepts: competition and scarcity.

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Are you ready to go beyond your limits?

It’s so easy to get sucked into scarcity. When I was little, 25 cents went a long way. I could get a whole bag of candy for a quarter! And oh, how I savoured that sweet little bag.

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Ten Lessons to Remember about Money and Abundance

At our workshop today, Wayne Dyer’s wisdom kick-started the day. And of all the dozens of books he has written, the one we chose to quote was written for children. In “It’s not What You’ve Got: Lessons for Kids on Money and Abundance” Dr. Dyer gives kids (and adults!) 10 tips on abundance. We asked people to pick a number from 1 to 10 before we began, and then read them their number. A lot of “ah-haa moments” flooded the room with this simple exercise. Though you may no have been at the workshop, you can “join” us now by simply picking a number and then reflecting on the corresponding message. And of course, all the principles are powerful, so even if you just read the list below, it will open your mind about how to let more into your life.

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Healing Relationships

You are a naturally social creature. But you are also a private being that needs time alone to reflect and re-charge. You will have a personal balance point of how much you want to be around others and how much alone-time you need. But whether you are a social butterfly or a wall-flower, how you interact with the people around you tells you something important about your belief system.

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