Pranic Healing

The ancient art and science of Pranic Healing has been around for centuries. You know how in the “old country” there were those healers who had no medical degrees, yet were able to bring ease from suffering and actually help heal dis-ease? You know those fantastical renditions of miracle healings that you see on TV or hear about from your “out-there” neighbor-friend? You know how you can feel a cold coming on even before your doctor’s instruments can detect that anything is wrong? Science has taken a lot of the mystery out of the healing arts, and today, we are able to help the most difficult patients recover from life-threatening conditions. And yet, some people do not heal. At all, while some people heal faster than others. How can we explain this? We have tried to explain the differences with psychology, understanding how illness is linked to the mind, and those who believe they will recover actually do. And yet there is a more subtle component which the healers of old knew about and which is coming up again in our generation for a closer look.

What is Pranic Healiing?

Prana is a Sankrit word, and it described the Life Force energy that runs through our bodies and is all around us. In Japan, they call it ki, while in China they call it chi. These cultures, rooted in the wisdom of the past, have developed entire protocols around the energy systems in the body, and how to bring balance and harmony back to a body that is not functioning optimally. Using tried and tested models from the East, GrandMaster Choa Kwok Sui has helped bring this ancient healing modality to the West, and named it Pranic Healing. As he is rooted in the medical tradition, he does not advocate for the modality to be used alone, but in conjunction with the traditional, allopathic model of medicine. Master Choa’s vision is to have one Pranic healer per family, thus providing everyday people with the means to optimize their own health and live long and full lives.

What does a Pranic Healer do?

A Pranic healer helps activate the body’s own self-recovery mechanisms. The body, if left to it’s own devices, will heal itself of most illness and pain. For example, when you break your leg, the body will eventually repair itself. If you put a cast in place, the leg will heal more quickly and with less pain. If you add Pranic Healing, the body will heal itself even more quickly and with additional energetic support. Pranic healers are not doctors, though doctors can be Pranic helaers. They are simply those trained in the art and science of Pranic healing who are called to help heal others. The healings can happen in the same room or at a distance, individually or in a group, depending on the skill level and training of the healer. A Pranic healer learns how to access and direct prana to help the body to heal itself. Pranic healers can also work to heal non-physical (psychological) conditions, but the client is responsible to also be supported by someone in the mental health industry when seeking this type of support.

How do I get a Pranic Healing treatment?

Dr. Saira is an Advanced Pranic Healer and specializes in Pranic Psychotherapy.

Complete the form below to request an appointment or to learn more about Pranic Healing. Pranic healing sessions take 25-45 minutes and can be done in-person or remotely.

How do I become a Pranic Healer?

Pranic healing, as per Master Choa’s vision, was meant to be available to anyone who wanted to help others heal, and was willing to learn. As such, if you are drawn to this healing modality, trust that impulse! Dr. Saira’s Pranic Healing instructor, Syed Afzal, is based in Calgary, Alberta, and offers introductory and advanced levels to students based in Alberta. He will also be visiting Vancouver to teach Pranic Healing courses in 2012. See calendar for more details.

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Healing Relationships

You are a naturally social creature. But you are also a private being that needs time alone to reflect and re-charge. You will have a personal balance point of how much you want to be around others and how much alone-time you need. But whether you are a social butterfly or a wall-flower, how you interact with the people around you tells you something important about your belief system.

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