Newsletter – September 27, 2011

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Let go of the old

As Autumn arrives, the opportunity to change comes with it. This is a time to look back at your Spring and Summer, and notice what you planted. What is ready to be harvested
now? Is it a new idea that has come to fullness, or a relationship that is now at the next level? This is the time for gathering your inner fruit, and for gently winding
down into the darkness. If you align with what is happening in Nature at this time, you can begin welcoming the darkness as a time to reflect inward. See what new opportunities
are just at the edges of your awareness, ripe and ready to be integrated into your life. Observe, commit, and be ready for changes. The new can only come when you let go of
the old. Welcome to the next season of your life!

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Dr. Saira

Video: Balance in your life

Life feels most full when we are guided by our passion. Unfortunately, you may be passionate in one area of your life and disengaged in other areas. This video
gives a simple tool to evaluate where your level of passion is, and ideas on how to bring a more balanced approach to passsion.

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Vancouver area: Seminar on Passion (October 1)

Those who have made a positive impact in human history are those who have been passionate. Most of us can be great leaders in our own lives, we just need the fire
sparked under us to take our game to the next level. Whether it’s a talent, a hobby, or a curiosity, when you mix it with passion, great results can follow. Join us
to learn about the power of passion and how to bring more passion into the many areas of your life.

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Thrive in any economy!

In the olden days, we used to protect our businesses. We used to have secret sauces, trade secrets, and hidden dimensions in our companies, communities, and
families. There were some proverbs about dirty laundry and early birds catching worms, and we competed to get ahead in our own industry, while blocking the
competition. I have learned that the old model no longer works. Why? Because that old model is rooted in two dysfunctional concepts: competition and

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  • How do you quiet the inner critic?
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Distant Counselling

A lot of people have asked me about
how to access my one-to-one counseling services if they do not live in the Vancouver area. I am pleased to announce the launch of
the Distant Counseling Program, and will now be available for counseling via telephone or video-conferencing (depending on schedule
availability). If you would like to connect with me for a one-to-one session, please contact me to schedule your appointment today!

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