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No more excuses!

I have noticed a trend in the people I work with with. There is a striking difference between those who have great lives and those who don’t. The key ingredient is commitment. There are a hundred and one reasons not to change, just as there are countless things that could go wrong when you take the risk to follow your dream of the great life you could be living. Those who actually get there, those who have well-rounded, grounded, full lives, they are the ones who don’t let the reasons and the obstacles become excuses. They are committed to finding a path, even in the midst of personal trauma, family dysfunction, and world catastrophe. Those who have great lives didn’t just stumble upon them, they cultivated them. If you take every interaction and every challenge as an opportunity to grow intellectually and emotionally, and see adversity as a chance to test what you are made of, good things start to happen. I was inspired into this line of thinking by Dr. Wayne Dyer and his book Excuses Begone, where he shows the flaws in every last excuse that we use to avoid change. Whether you are telling yourself you can’t afford it, you are too young/old, you aren’t talented/smart enough, or some other thing, I challenge you to stop making excuses. It’s only when you fully commit that change is possible.


What is holding you back?

Dr. Saira   Are you living a passion-filled life? Have you decided that you are ready for more love, money, friendship, or just plain greatness? I have recorded this new video talking about what is needed to live a passion-filled life. Don’t wait to make a choice to live your life!

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Vancouver Area: Seminar on Passion

image   Either you know what you love or you don’t!
Are you in the Vancouver area on Saturday October 1? If so, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to work with my husband and I in a small group setting. The topic is Passion and we will look at how to bring more of it into all areas of your life. As always, our seminar will be practical providing tools you can use at home or at work. Because we limit the number of participants, it will also allow you to move quickly through your life’s challenges in a supportive and transformational environment.

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All your stuff might be holding you back!

Returning from holidays always gives me a fresh perspective on my stuff. I look around my home, and the things that seemed so vital to me a few short weeks ago now seem old, dusty, and irrelevant. After being surrounded by other people’s things day in and day out, I had a mind-shift. I realized that all this stuff isn’t bringing me what it promised. It’s time to de-clutter….

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  • Do you fight fair?
  • Who is the real bully?

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Distant Counselling

A lot of people have asked me about how to access my one-to-one counseling services if they do not live in the Vancouver area. I am pleased to announce the launch of the Distant Counseling Program, and will now be available for counseling via telephone or video-conferencing (depending on schedule availability). If you would like to connect with me for a one-to-one session, please contact me to schedule your appointment today!

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