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Vancouver Area: Seminar on Spirituality (December 3)

Spirituality is not just a word that people who don’t subscribe to organized religion get to use. It is not just an "out-there" concept that yoga masters and tarot card readers and ashram-dwellers have the monopoly on. Since the introduction of Eastern mystical philosophies to the West, many of us have begun to call ourselves "spiritual". But what does this really mean? Are you spiritual if you wear tie-dye or hand-woven cloth and listen to the digeridoo? Or can you be spiritual and be a regular, every day person, holding a nine to five job, working overtime for some extra cash, feeding your kids dinner at home and eating out when you're too rushed...can you be considered spiritual too? I say yes, and I say spirituality is more about your ethical framework and how you walk your talk than how many times you chant Om in a day. Join us to unpack the deeper mysteries of being human as we enter the end of 2011. See you there!

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  Dr. Saira

Video: You were born to be spiritual!

image   You can not do things to make you spiritual, rather, you were born a spiritual being. As a spiritual being, you have a calling and a purpose, and things you came here to do. Watch closely for some insights into your own experience of your spiritual self.

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February 18-19 2012: Weekend Workshop to Support Loved Ones

image   Each family has one: that good-hearted person that just can’t seem to get a break.

It may be your brother, your mother, your child, or even a grandparent, and you don’t know how to help them. Maybe they are always in debt, maybe they are addicted to something, or maybe they just can’t get out of bed in the morning. No matter what you try, you can’t seem to get through.

You have tried loving them, ignoring them, scolding them, and getting them help, but for some reason, they can’t seem to change.

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Saturday December 3, 2011
10 AM – 4 PM

What are you so angry about?

Every so often, I notice I am surrounded by angry people. People start slamming doors, cutting me off in traffic, and even the movies I watch seem to have angry characters! When that happens, it is the perfect time to stop, pause, and self-reflect. After all, what is around us is always inside us, and if I am noticing angry people, there’s an angry Dr. Saira somewhere inside me, waiting to be acknowledged. I grew up around chronically angry people, and through my personal and professional research, have learned a lot about anger. Read on to learn how to identify your own anger, and what to do with it. This is an especially important read if you don’t think of your self as angry, because the deeper your anger is buried, the more freeing it will be when you finally get it out of your system!

Other topics:

  • Do you sabotage yourself?
  • Are you always late?
  • How can you stay focused in go-go-go world?

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Calendar of Events 2012

2012 is promising to be a year of transformation, a year of letting go of the old and really welcoming in the newest and best version of you. I know life gets busy, and to help you plan ahead, here is a calendar of topics for 2012's Journey to Wholeness Seminar series and other workshops we will be holding. We may be adding to the calendar as the demand increases, and will let you know if dates or topics change due to unforeseen circumstances. As my gift to you during this season of giving, you will save $50 off the longer weekend workshop in February if you register by the end of 2011*.

January 28-29: Pranic Healing: Level 1
February 4: Change Seminar
February 18-19: Helping Those Who Suffer Weekend
March 3: Trust Seminar
March 10-11: Pranic Healing: Level 2
April 7: Power Seminar
April 21-22: Understanding Relationships Weekend
May 5: Hope Seminar
June 2: Acceptance Seminar
June 23-24: Deepening the Personal Search Weekend
July 14: Freedom Seminar
August 4: Abundance Seminar
September 1: Success Seminar
September 10-11: Pranic Healing Level 3
October 6: Passion Seminar
October 13: The Power of Manifestation Weekend
November 3: Gratitude Seminar
December 1: Spirituality Seminar

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