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Video: Healing Relationships

You are a naturally social creature. But you are also a private being that needs time alone to reflect and re-charge. You will have a personal balance point of how much you want to be around others and how much alone-time you need. But whether you are a social butterfly or a wall-flower, how you interact with the people around you tells you something important about your belief system. Watch the video for tips on the circles of influence and how to keep the people in your life in more of a balance.

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  Dr. Saira

Stop resisting and be free!

image   If you are a generally happy, healthy, vibrant person, it is highly likely that you have a dark secret. The secret is this: you feel trapped. Whether it’s your hum-drum job, your all-too-familiar spouse, your never-ending mortgage, or yet another late-night talk show to kill the gap between dinner and bedtime, your life may have become predictable to the point of bland, routine to the point of boring. This is one of the reasons why reasonable people are generally skeptical of commitment: why would you say yes to something that is going to take away your freedom? I have a weapon to battle this dark secret, and here it is: freedom is hiding in unexpected places. That very step you have been lazy to take, the very person you have been avoiding, the very thing you just don’t want to do….that is your way through. When you stop resisting boredom and the routines of life you make room for something transcendent. In this high-tech, fast-paced time, we fight boredom like it’s a disease, forgetting that inspiration lies just on the other side of feeling trapped. Freedom will be yours when you are willing to sit still and just be. Freedom will be yours when you stop trying to change yourself, the world, your family, and just allow things to be as they are. Freedom will be yours when you have the courage to walk towards the very thing that scares you. Commitment to your life, your health, your financial wellness, your relationships actually brings a sense of freedom. But that is only when you are totally committed. One foot in will only lead to pain and a split mind. To have a real-life experience of total mind and heart freedom, join us July 7 for the Freedom workshop. Distance-participation is limited, so please register early if you plan to join us remotely.

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Book Launch – Thank you!

image   We will keep on asking these difficult questions
Until the inspiration comes

Oh, He who makes me gentle, who makes me drunk
When will You answer these swamp-filled questions?
When will You send me your sweet-water smile?
When will You pour yourself into my skin
And bring me to life again?

Where shall I go to find You when I get lost?
I tried the mosque, the church, the synagogue
I tried dancing, I tried to be still
I tried to swim in the mud and leap off waterfalls

And yet You come to me the most unexpected
In the chirp of the morning birds
In the memory of my unborn child
In the long embrace of something that can never be
In the smell of melting chocolate at a summer barbeque

We will keep on asking these difficult questions
Until the inspiration comes
Until the inspiration comes
Until the inspiration comes

Oh, He who makes me ask the questions

– “Until” – Imprints on My Soul

A heartfelt thanks to all those who came out to share a tea and a poem during my book launch this past Sunday at the Rumi Rose Garden in Burnaby. A limited number of copies are still available there, so drop in for a tea, some music to stir the soul and bring friend for fun. You can also get a copy of “Imprints on my Soul: Poetry in Search of the Beloved” at Amazon if you do not live in the Vancouver area.

Saturday July 7, 2012
10 AM – 4 PM

“Why am I still single?”

So many people ask me the question, “Dr. Saira, if I am really as great as you tell me I am, then why am I still single?”
This question breaks my heart, for many reasons.
Yes, you may still be single, but that is only part of the story.

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  • Let’s talk about money
  • How can you stay focused in go-go-go world?

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Updated Calendar of Events 2012

2012 is promising to be a year of transformation, a year of letting go of the old and really welcoming in the newest and best version of you. I know life gets busy, and to help you plan ahead, here is a calendar of topics for 2012’s Journey to Wholeness Seminar series and other workshops we will be holding. We may be adding to the calendar as the demand increases, and will let you know if dates or topics change due to unforeseen circumstances.

July 7: Freedom Seminar
August 4: Abundance Seminar
September 1: Success Seminar
October 6: Passion Seminar
November 3: Gratitude Seminar
December 1: Spirituality Seminar

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