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Love on the Radio!

Valentine’s Day, either you’re loving it or hating it (or trying to ignore it all together). What is it about love that makes us so crazy? What is it about those three little words that put men give men clammy hands and women the butterflies? Is there such a thing as “the one”? And if there is, why haven’t you found him or her yet? Tune in to AM 1200 at 2 pm on Valentine’s day, as Dr. Saira helps us unravel the mysteries of love. If you are not in Western Canada, you can tune in to the live stream here.

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Weekly Meditation Group

image   Meditation works. Whether you meditate to regulate your stress levels, quiet your mind, or as part of your spiritual search, meditation is a simple and powerful way to make a commitment to your journey in a way that really lasts. Inspired by the greats, we invite you to join us for a free meditation group, every Sunday at 5pm at Paradigm Shift Martial Arts Studio. The first session is on Sunday February 19 and we will introduce you to the powerful and beautiful Planetary Meditation for Peace developed by Master Choa Kok Sui. There will also be Pranic healers available after the meditation to offer a Pranic healing for any aches or pains you may have. Healings are by donation, and the meditation is FREE! No registration required, just please arrive a few minutes early so we can start on time.

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Saturday March 3, 2012
10 AM – 4 PM

What are you so angry about?

Every so often, I notice I am surrounded by angry people. People start slamming doors, cutting me off in traffic, and even the movies I watch seem to have angry characters! When that happens, it is the perfect time to stop, pause, and self-reflect. After all, what is around us is always inside us, and if I am noticing angry people, there’s an angry Dr. Saira somewhere inside me, waiting to be acknowledged. I grew up around chronically angry people, and through my personal and professional research, have learned a lot about anger. Read on to learn how to identify your own anger, and what to do with it. This is an especially important read if you don’t think of your self as angry, because the deeper your anger is buried, the more freeing it will be when you finally get it out of your system!

Other topics:

  • Do you sabotage yourself?
  • Are you always late?
  • How can you stay focused in go-go-go world?

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Calendar of Events 2012

2012 is promising to be a year of transformation, a year of letting go of the old and really welcoming in the newest and best version of you. I know life gets busy, and to help you plan ahead, here is a calendar of topics for 2012’s Journey to Wholeness Seminar series and other workshops we will be holding. We may be adding to the calendar as the demand increases, and will let you know if dates or topics change due to unforeseen circumstances.

March 3: Trust Seminar
March 10-11: Pranic Healing: Level 1
April 14: Power Seminar
June 2: Acceptance Seminar
July 14: Freedom Seminar
August 4: Abundance Seminar
September 1: Success Seminar
September 10-11: Pranic Healing Level 3
October 6: Passion Seminar
November 3: Gratitude Seminar
December 1: Spirituality Seminar

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