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Video: Get Connected!

When you find yourself in the middle of conflicting priorities, how do you make a decision? Connecting to another person, especially a significant other, puts you on the fast-track to happiness, helping uncover hidden answers where everyone wins. Don’t believe me? Are you finding it difficult to connect? Do you find it easier to interact with other people because your once-true-love is now clingy or distant (or just plain crazy!)? That’s okay, there is help available! Watch this quick video to learn about the kind of relationship you are in, and how to make it better.

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It is what it is!

image   Life can be tough, I agree. But life can also be really magical. The more I study people, the more I realize that our lives are exactly the way we want them to be. The decisions that we have made about who we are impact the range of choices we think we have. The beliefs we have about “people” and “the world” limit us in so many hidden ways. Just this morning, I encouraged a client who is struggling with money issues to begin blessing rich people. Most of us do the opposite. We are judgmental, critical, and righteous, if not outwardly, then in the private inner spaces of our minds. I think it’s time for a mind-shift! It’s time to get really honest about what is working (and what’s not working) and make the changes required so that you can have the life that you truly deserve. The first step is accepting where you are. If you need some tips on that (or just want to spend a Saturday with some really great people) join us for the Acceptance workshop coming up on June 2.

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Book Launch – Calgary

image   Let me get drunk as those with no memory
Of life befor you
You came secretly, but once you came
I could not deny you

Now my seeing is blurred
My heart stumbles towards
One more moment of your
Deadly wine
A poison I am told

But when I drink you
My life changes

Let me get drunk on you
Night after night
And when others rise to pray
Let me sway in you instead

– “When Others Rise to Pray” – Imprints on My Soul

Poetry speaks to us at the level of the heart. It allows us to speak the unspeakable, to give shapes and names to those fleeting feelings that make up the juice of life. I have been writing poems in my private journals for over twenty years, and the day has finally arrived where I will be publicly sharing my first book of poetry!

Join me in the celebration of my first book in Calgary on Monday, April 30 at 7-9 pm at 7th Chakra (1301 17th Avenue SW, Calgary) or in Vancouver on Sunday, June 10 at Rumi Rose Garden. You can get your very own signed copy of the book and one for your sweetheart too!

Saturday June 2, 2012
10 AM – 4 PM

Want to win the money game?

Let’s talk about money.
Why do some people have it while others don’t? Why are some people able to make more and more and more of it while other people seem to struggle with holding on to it long enough to ensure their basic survival? Money seems pretty complicated, but here’s the secret:
Money is like love: when you don’t have it, it’s all you can think about.

Other topics:

  • A Note to the Angry People…
  • Are you always late?
  • How can you stay focused in go-go-go world?

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Updated Calendar of Events 2012

2012 is promising to be a year of transformation, a year of letting go of the old and really welcoming in the newest and best version of you. I know life gets busy, and to help you plan ahead, here is a calendar of topics for 2012’s Journey to Wholeness Seminar series and other workshops we will be holding. We may be adding to the calendar as the demand increases, and will let you know if dates or topics change due to unforeseen circumstances.

April 30: “Imprints on My Soul” book launch – Calgary
June 2: Acceptance Seminar
June 10: “Imprints on My Soul” book launch – Vancouver
July 7: Freedom Seminar
August 4: Abundance Seminar
September 1: Success Seminar
October 6: Passion Seminar
November 3: Gratitude Seminar
December 1: Spirituality Seminar

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