Are you a Graduate?

group of multiracial graduates holding diploma

Growing a “new you” took time.

You came in, got comfortable, and within moments, there was attunement. Through short-term transpersonal counselling and completing your homework assignments, we worked on correcting limiting thought patterns, changing unhelpful behaviours, and re-aligning you to your own inner compass. After a period of time (much shorter than you thought it would take!) you moved to completion with on-going counselling.

This was graduation.

How do you know if you have graduated? You will feel it, and your counsellor will agree with you. You will find the major issue that you came to counselling with is resolved, and you now have a new and powerful repertoire of tools to help you through the ups and downs that life will present in the coming years.

Graduates of counselling see how their choices have shaped their experiences, and are committed to on-going self-care and self-reflection practices that they have learned and uncovered through their time with their counsellor. The have moved beyond self-attack and blaming others to see each life experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. They are open to miracles and unexpected happiness. Life generally feels good!

A graduate would return to counselling for one of two reasons.