Saturday July 7, 2012
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

6 years of taking you from good to great. Learn about spirituality.

  • The deeper meaning of freedom
  • How to feel free regardless of your lived circumstances
  • How to free those you love without intruding in their lives
  • The impact of freedom on your total well-being


Do you live in a free country? What does that even mean? Are you free to speak up when you don’t agree with something? Are you free to ask for change when you witness injustice? Are you free to marry who you want, regardless or race, gender, ideology? Are you free to live where you want, eat what you want, dress how you want….is this what it means to be free?

The funny thing is, many of us who live in “free countries” still feel trapped. Why is that? Are we even aware of the freedoms we have, or do they start to fade into the background as time passes and life happens and paying the mortgage becomes the big priority of the day?

What I have learned is this: freedom on the outside is only half the battle. Once a society has succeeded in this task, the true test begins. The bigger battle, the true battle, is the inner struggle for freedom. Do you have voices in your mind that hold you back, make you second guess yourself? Sure , these voices may prevent you from failing but they also preventing you from taking a risk that could lead to success beyond your wildest imagining.

We are always dealing with these subtle but forceful inner voices, and until we learn to navigate the map of our inner landscapes, the freedom that we hold so dear is only a word….we don’t actually feel free.

Join us to uncover the complexity of freedom, and have a real-life experience of what it means to be truly free, both inside and out.

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Your Facilitators

Dr. Saira and Faizan Sabzaali facilitate The Journey to Wholeness Seminars

Dr. Saira Sabzaali
Faizan Sabzaali


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