Effective and lasting interventions

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  • Most high functioning people don’t need to be in counselling for a very long time. There are stories of people who are still seeing a therapist after six or ten years, and for some people, that is helpful. For many people, short term counselling is very effective, and when delivered by a skilled practitioner, can be life-changing. Short term counselling is built on the premise that after a limited number of intense and transformational sessions, clients can move from looking to the outside for answers to relying on their own inner compass to guide them. In ten to twelve weekly sessions, not only are problems solved, but the whole way problems are viewed has been altered.
  • How many times have you sat through a work-training or team building event, been inspired and motivated, and gone back to work the following week and it is like nothing has changed? Through teaching cutting-edge models of change, our experiential trainings allow for a culture shift at the workplace, where teams commit to a new way of interacting with each other, and make the human connection a priority that helps drive the bottom line.