Will you be my sister?

I believe in sisterhood. Though my life has provided ample examples of mean-girls, I know the goodness of women is deep and lasting, and I am seeing it more and more around me every week. There is something that happens to women when they get together. Whether we are getting ready for an evening out, commiserating over lost love, or shopping for that ever-elusive perfect black pump, spending time with my sisters and girlfriends always fills me up. Lately, I am finding new ways to join with the women in my life. No only are we getting manicures together, we are also looking after each other’s babies. Not only are we fussing in the kitchen over the elegant spread prepared by our hostess, we are also lending our shoulders, our ears, and our hearts as our girlfriends change their lives and their priorities. I am sitting with the grandmothers as they reminisce about the old country, and watching as little girls try to fasten a first training bra. This celebration of being a woman is all around me, I just have to stop and look. The best thing is that the men around me are also celebrating their women, encouraging them to take risks and helping them fly if they falter. The world is changing. And as more women know their strength and use their voices, the sisterhood of women becomes a protective gathering space where we don’t have to be superwomen, but can just be ourselves. Who makes up your sisterhood?