What to do to avoid the five year relationship bump?

The five year funk. Couples go through it, and I’ve seen it many times. We are coming up on our five year funk, and I am diligently watching for signs. So how to get through it?

First, know that it’s coming so you’re not surprised when it arrives. Remember that with it may come feeling of confusion, numbness, or even regret. Those dangerous questions like “Did I sign up for this?” or “What happened to us?” or “What was I thinking?” may start peeking into your mind. The opportunity of the five year funk is that now the relationship can truly move to the next level of true intimacy. So I’ve been re-committing to myself, to him, and to us. And of course, we can’t do it on our own. Build a support system of those who believe in your relationship, strap on your seat belt, and enjoy the ride!