What music do you make?

Music. What’s the point? They say music tames the wildest of beasts and men, and I have seen this truth in our seminars. It amazes me how a simple tune can transport someone back to the deepest parts of their mind to buried memories that would usually take hours of talking to uncover. Studies have shown us that babies move their limbs to music played in another room long before they can understand words. There is something we love about music. When couple’s interact, I can tell what their relationship is like by watching the music made by their conversation and their bodies. Whether it’s a rock and roll concert, a complicated symphony, or a ad-hoc jazz beat, couples give away what’s happening behind closed doors by the music they make together. What kind of music are you making with those you love? Are you the un-tuned instrument that ruins the concert? Are you the steady drum that keeps beat? Are you at the center of the orchestra or the periphery? Watch yourself today and see where you add to the tunes in your life, where you direct them, and where you may be causing dis-harmony.