What are you doing to bring hope to a fractured world?

All around me, things are falling apart. Marriages are ending, children are faltering, governments are failing, and nature is angry. And yet, I have hope. Why? Because I see little miracles every week. When I sit in the session room, I see the best (and the worst) of the human condition. The worst, well, there are enough books written on the worst, but let’s look at the best. Every week, I see women who are striving to be better daughters and sisters and wives and grandmothers, and men who would do anything to make their families thrive. I see grown-up children wrestling with how to help their parents age with dignity and grace and I see teenagers trying to look after their fractured families. I see integrity, passion, determination while the human spirit shines at it’s brightest. And it makes me hopeful. I see it in the little things, like when my toddler kisses other people’s ‘owies’, or when my aunt from ‘the old country’ learns an English slang phrase because she knows it will make us laugh. If we can just remember to connect to the goodness, the lightness, and the laughter in our own little spheres, all of a sudden it doesn’t seem like things are falling apart anymore. We start to see how each person is playing their part to bring us back to wholeness. How will you bring hope into your world today?