Tell me about your green!

I love green spaces. Despite the spiders, mosquitoes, and aphids that stick in my hair, I love green spaces. When I get a chance to be outside in the fresh air with the sun on my face and trees around me, life feels full. When I was a teenager and there was chaos at home, I would ride my bike to this little wooded area by our local 7-11, sit on the dirt, and cry to the trees. No one saw me, and no one’s feelings were hurt by what I was saying or thinking. It was my way of purging, long before I knew the psychological and physiological benefits to “just getting it out”. My trees were my counsellor, my best friend, my caring parent, and my loving aunties. The best part was, I wouldn’t leave until I felt better. Sometimes I watched the sun go down in my little alcove of healing, and with the darkness, I would feel a sense of completeness, of rightness with the world. Today, I live in a green city, with trees and plants and bushes growing with wild abandon wherever they can out their roots down. All I have to do is sit in my sun-room and look into the garden, and I am flooded with green, all different shades of it. I have learned not to look for the blue skies anymore, because that West-Coast sky of ours is always changing. But those evergreens, they stand tall and steady. Each one of us has something that brings us that peace, that sense that we can breathe easier. What is your “green”?