Relax in your space

Do you have a room of your own? Do you have a space in your home or garden that is just for you, that is your sanctuary? If not, I suggest one. Yesterday, we rolled up our sleeves and re-arranged our storage room. What used to just hold our extras is now a colorful and cozy relaxing room. And there is no TV in here. There may be some books, a place I can journal or create a vision-board, but no passive-entertainment is allowed in here. There is still a pile of boxes in the corner, but is now artfully covered by some pretty cloth. We teach our toddler that some spaces are for resting, some for playing, and some for entertaining. That way, he actually sleeps in his bed and keeps his toys in his “playzone”. I grew up living in close quarters with my siblings, but our parents always made sure we had a sense of ownership and personal space. My parents came from a culture where spending time alone is considered strange or worse, rude. But somehow they knew that we needed special time and special places in order to feel like our world made sense. As adults with families, personal space may be more realistic than personal time, but both are crucial for healthy adult living. The more rested and relaxed we feel in our homes, the more alive and productive we will be in the rest of our lives. Can you make a little more space for you? Because if you don’t, no one else will.