Parents are people too

“Parents are people too.”  My mom used to say this to me when I was a teenager and I would roll my eyes and think “Get a life, Mom.”  And now I am a mom.  And I know one day I will say to my son what my mother said to me. How do we avoid the trap that has been entrenched for generations?  How do we gracefully wear multiple hats and not let any one of them solely define us? No, he is not just a dad.  He is someone’s lover, he is someone’s employee, he is probably even someone’s heartbreak.  No, she is not just a grandma.  She is a woman who has lived a real life, a full life, a woman who was once a teenager and a new mom, and now the time has come for her to reap the rewards and smile at the grandkids.  So yes, parents are people too.  And as we get to know the people behind the titles, our compassion for them will grow.  And as they age, either our patience or frustration will grow, depending on how well we know them and how deeply we have forgiven them.  So how will you treat your parents today?