How your family effects you

What is a normal family these days? From single-parenting to joint-family living, from multi-generational households to blended families, the definition of family has morphed and changed into something with nuances, texture, and flexibility.  What I have found in my practice is that anyone you consider family that you are in conflict with will subtly influence your happiness. Let me explain. If you are still mad at your step-brother for something, this impacts the relationships you have with all the other men in your family, on a very subtle level. Now, if you have issues with your husband, you have to know it is probably rooted in some unresolved beef you have with your dad.  The problem with trying to understand how it is all linked is that we are not very objective when it comes to our families.  That’s why we need to learn more, ask questions, and begin to understand the hidden dynamics of family life.  Start the search today! How? Ask an elder in your family about their young days.  Ask to babysit a niece or nephew to give your siblings the day off.  Tell your mom that you love her.  The choice is yours!