Be willing to commit

Commitment isn’t easy, but it is required. For the life you really want, you must commit. I see the impact of commitment on the people I work with. For years, they say they want something, a new job, a better relationship with their kids, a happier marriage. Yet when it comes time to commit to their changes required, they get scared. Yes, sometimes commitment is scary. It is scary because commitment moves your life to it’s natural next step, and we are so good at staying stuck that moving forward can feel very intimidating. But when they move through the fear of commitment and actually make changes, their lives begin to blossom. Chronic problems are resolved within weeks, and mind-sets are changed in an afternoon. All it takes is commitment. Sometimes people ask me, “What should I commit to? I don’t even know what I want!” Well, this would be a good time to relax into your own life, and trust that it is moving in a life-supporting direction (rather than a life-destroying direction, which is what happens when your ego gets to run the show). So send that doubting ego-mind to the movies and watch as the human spirit moves you to your own next level of personal greatness. The key phrase is “I am willing!” What are you willing to change in your life today? Think about it, then commit fully to the change. You will be amazed at what unfolds.