Are you willing to ask for help?

Sometimes we forget that help is available.  We work so hard at doing it all and making it seem effortless, forgetting that it really could be effortless (without faking it!).  But each one of us has a breaking point, and if we don’t know what it is, then our life will demonstrate it for us.  Maybe you get in freak accidents, are always tired, overeat, or have the flu every season.  Your body, your relationships, your work-life, and your inner space are closely connected.  Gone are the days of compartmentalizing.  So when the lines start bleeding into each other and boundaries get blurred, the best and hardest thing to do is ask for help.  Yes, i said it, ask for help.  Go ahead. It won’t kill you.  But it might just help you live a little longer, a little stronger, a little happier.