Are you ready to go beyond your limits?

It’s so easy to get sucked into scarcity. When I was little, 25 cents went a long way. I could get a whole bag of candy for a quarter! And oh, how I savoured that sweet little bag. In those days, I didn’t worry about money, didn’t really even think about it unless we were looking between the couch cushions for extra coins to tip the pizza guy. Though we grew up with modest means, my single mom made sure we were looked after well, and that we understand the true value of the things we owned beyond their price tags. As I learn more about abundance, I am opening my mind to the limitlessness around me. Things seem to show up just when I need them, whether I personally pay for them or not. Looking out at the great vistas and valleys of the Rocky Mountains is a humbling reminder of the bounty around me, and a wake up call to be as grand as graceful as nature Herself. So I am learning to let good things come to me, and learning tips and tricks to remove the obstacles, both hidden and obvious. And so now, I put that 25 cents in my prayer box, and send it to Heaven to multiply! If the Creator is on our side as we embark on new ventures, it will be difficult to stray off course.