Are you a good friend?

You know that friend who will never miss your calls, who will always be there when you need them, who will never say no? Well, today I would like to thank them. I would like to say thank you to all the good friends out there, all the men and women who are reliable, who will drop every thing when their friend is hurting or in trouble. If you are that friend, I want to remind you to make sure you look after yourself too, because it is only when your cup is full that you can offer anything to someone else. And if you’re not that friend, maybe today is the day you can let that friend know how grateful you are for all the little things they do without being asked and behind the scenes, ‘just because’. Maybe today is the day you could do something nice for that friend, or even be that friend to someone else. We’ve all been there, where our day brightens up when someone we care about calls just to say hi. The best thing about friendship is that a little bit of nurturing here and there makes for a strong foundation and a lifetime of shared memories. Can you bring a smile to someone’s day today?