How to be a happy mom

Raising kids is a big job. Sometimes I feel like a great mom, outfit matching, swinging my purse in my hand while my well-behaved two year old charms strangers and families alike. Then there are the other days. The days when his breakfast is on my shirt, I am late for an appointment, and the house looks like a teenage boy’s dorm room. The key to managing the extremes of mother is the me time. Whether it’s my daily walk, 20 minutes of yoga in the backyard or a long kid-free morning shower. When I get my fill of time without to-do lists, I can be a happier mom. And it’s not about taking a spa day or flying to Vegas with the girls for the weekend. The key is doing something every day that re-charges me and reminds me that in fact I AM a woman underneath all those other seemingly important titles that Life has given me.