Corporate Training

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We will teach your team to:

  • Become more cohesive
  • Avoid burn-out
  • Master stress
  • Demonstrate interpersonal excellence

According to research, in Canada and the United States, more than two thirds of stress comes from people’s work life. Many people spend more waking hours in a work context than any other place, and more time with their colleagues than their loved ones.

When the workplace is disconnected, disinterested, or stressful, employees are likely to perform more poorly and eventually either leave or do the bare minimum that is required.

Team building takes time and skill, and starts with supervisors and employees understanding the basics of human interaction, communication, and emotional safety in the workplace.

When people feel they are valued as part of a team, they are more likely to take initiative, get involved, and go the extra mile for the company.  They begin to see the company as an extension of themselves when the values of inclusiveness, understanding, and community are woven into the fabric of the workplace.

Dr. Saira offers three packages for businesses that want to re-set their employee morale and supervisor motivation levels.