It’s as Easy as That!

Truth Byte #40

“There is good all around you.”


It’s easy to point out someone’s flaws.  It’s easy to gripe about how hard things are and complain about the state of the world, your family, and your finances.  It’s easy to find something to upset you in this time and place in human history.


But that’s not going to make you feel better.  Not in the long-term, that is.


I am here to remind you that there is good all around you.


You just have to want to see it.


I was talking to a friend of mine today about how many good things are happening for me and the people around me.  As I talked, I noticed how different I sounded to myself compared to the person I was just a few short years ago.


And it’s not that my life has somehow miraculously changed.


What has changed is my perspective.  I have realized I can’t sit around waiting for other people to make me feel better.  I have realized that the only things I really influence are my own thoughts and behaviours.  Sure, I may inform or inspire people along the way, but that’s only because those people are ready to be taught, ready to learn a new way.


Many people are simply not ready.


And if you find yourself banging your good ideas against them, you will likely find yourself exhausted and discouraged.


Because people change when they are ready….no sooner, no later.


So in the meantime, I would encourage you to celebrate the goodness all around you.  Whether it’s that guy that let you budge your car in despite the heavy traffic, or that teacher who actually made eye-contact as you picked up your kid, or that cheerful coffee-server in your favourite mom-and-pop’s-shop that always remembers to refill your decaf drink as you putter away on your laptop, whatever it is: notice it, celebrate it, and look for more.


And that, my friends, is as easy as that!


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