Bear Down and Just Roar


Truth Byte #16: You are not a quitter.

I know it’s tempting. It’s tempting to end the day with numbness and Netflix. It’s tempting to eat that extra slice of cake. It’s tempting to check your social media page in the passenger seat of a parent’s car. It’s tempting to disengage with the people who need you and keep asking more of you.

And sometimes it’s ok to do those things.

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Want to Come to my Tea Party?


Truth Byte #15: The purpose of life was never work.

We are all working way too hard.  Well, most of of are.  We wake up earlier than we want to, go to bed later than we should, and drink coffee all day to keep us going.  And for what? Work.

I am tired of hearing people complain about work.

Work was never supposed to be this hard.

Do you remember those lazy summer days of your childhood? Do you remember what it felt like to just play, without any regard for time or activity?  One thing would meld into the next, at some point there would be a snack, and everybody would fall into bed feeling happy-tired.  When is the last time you had a day like that?

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