That’s Not Really a Tiger


Truth Byte #14: You are making it harder than it needs to be.

Life was meant to be easy and simple.  How do I know? I learned that from nature.  Nature doesn’t try so hard.  It doesn’t wrinkle it’s forehead in worry and confusion.  In nature, it’s always the path of least resistance that wins.  In the natural world, animals conserve their energy just in case they need a big burst of speed or strength.  And every so often, a tiger shows up and that gazelle runs like the wind.  But generally, the gazelles just hang out, chillin’.

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Cowboys and Roller-Coasters


Truth Byte #13: Get off the roller-coaster.

Did you love the roller-coaster when you were a kid? Did you love how it went up and down, and twisted and turned, and then thudded to a stop, only to start up again over the next terrifying careening swoop? And then, finally, when it was all over and you docked back into the station, do you remember racing around the amusement park to get back in line again?

Every July growing up, we had this incredible festival that came to town. The tents would go up, the rides would come out, and there were mini-donuts to your heart’s content. Now, because I am from a town in the Prairies, they would mix in cowboy hats, hay-bales, and chuck-wagon racing, and they called the whole over-the-top-affair the Calgary Stampede. But all I cared about growing up was wearing my high-waisted jeans and riding the roller-coaster. Read More

The Lobster Knows Best

Truth Byte #12: Growing is gruelling.

Have you ever wanted to truly know yourself, from the inside?

Do you look around sometimes and feel like you are stuck on a hamster wheel where everyone is running really fast and getting nowhere?

Do you kinda sorta believe in yoga, veganism, inner peace, and meditation but think it would take too much effort to really live like that?

We live in a world that tells us it’s okay to want meaning and depth. It’s okay to want happiness and passion. It’s okay to want connection and laughter. And the best way to get it is to simply buy ________ (book, seminar, weight-loss product, fitness gizmo, online relationship quiz, new app that will change your life). So maybe you get duped, and buy it, and maybe you even feel good for a few minutes or a few weeks, but then, the hunt begins again….something is missing. Read More

Let’s Be Human Together


Truth Byte #11: Stop pretending to have your shit together.

Finally, I confessed. After standing in front of the crowd for three hours in my heels, watching them laugh and resist and quickly wipe away the stray tear, I confessed. I had been holding back. Here I was, the facilitator of a personal development workshop on Boundaries, and people were supposed to be letting go and opening up, and healing.

But I had not actually felt one thing all morning.

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