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What gets you going?

Are you living a life you are excited to wake up to in the morning? Are you ready to light the fire of new possibilities in your work and relationships?

Living a passionate life is about doing something each day that makes your life juicy. Remember those passion-filled days when you were ready to take a risk and try something extraordinary? Whether it’s something routine like the joy of waking up to loved ones or something profound like answering your vocational calling, each one of us has a place in our lives that we could ignite to the next level.

Join us to re-ignite the fires of passion in your heart, mind, and spirit and learn some simple tools to make your life even more full and satisfying.

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Dr. Saira

Weekend Intensive (December 1-2)

image Enter any bookstore today, and you will see entire sections dedicated to self-help and spirituality. We are thirsty. We are thirsty to understand ourselves, our world, and our Creator. So we consume books, lectures, workshops, anything that will help bring us one step closer to the truth of who we are and why are here.

It’s time to take your search to the next level. Now that you have the tools, the language, and the handful of experiences of Divine presence, it is time to start living what you know each day. Sure, you know how to plug in to Source, how to get connected to your Self, how to regulate your breathing, and how to look behind the words to understand the depth of someone else’s experience, and yet….

And yet sometimes your family gets on your nerves.
And yet sometimes you drive by a greasy fast-food chain and think, “Why not? I deserve a treat!”
And yet sometimes you throw your routine out the window for a long, lazy sleep in and breakfast in bed.
And yet sometimes the words come out of your mouth before you can stop them, and you think “After all this growth work, I should know better!”

And that is the very nature of being human! Sometimes life gets sticky. Spirituality is not about something mystical that happens in a yoga class or during your meditation practice. Spirituality is about how you talk to the cashier at the grocery store, how you remember to breathe when you are cut off in traffic, about taking a few seconds to re-align yourself in the midst of an argument with your teenager.

This small-group weekend intensive is designed for advanced students. If you have been exploring your inner workings and have started applying spiritual principles to your daily life, this weekend is for you. We will take you to the next level, as you learn to really walk the teachings. This weekend course is for you if you want to strengthen your spiritual community, understand how to align Eastern and Western spiritual philosophy, and actually take your relationship with the Mystery out of theory and into practice, even in the midst of change and challenge. Come prepared to challenge yourself and deepen your understanding of the journey.

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Saturday October 6, 2012
10 AM – 5 PM

A note to the angry people

I am tired of angry people.

You know that grumpy person in your family or friend circle that is always upset or on edge about something? I think this behaviour has gone on long enough, and I am speaking out about it today. There is this uncomfortable undercurrent of prickliness that some of us live with day in and day out, within our families and our workplaces, and no matter how drawn we are to peace, there is the angry person watching from the sidelines, just waiting for a chance to explode, or to make a sarcastic comment, or to huff and puff like a little child throwing a tantrum.

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Updated Calendar of Events 2012

2012 has been a year of transformation, a year of letting go of the old and really welcoming in the newest and best version of you. I know life gets busy, and to help you plan ahead, here is a calendar of topics for 2012’s Journey to Wholeness Seminar series and other workshops we will be holding. We may be adding to the calendar as the demand increases, and will let you know if dates or topics change due to unforeseen circumstances.

October 6: Passion Seminar
November 3: Gratitude Seminar
December 1-2: Spirituality Weekend Intensive

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