Get Connected

When you find yourself in the middle of conflicting priorities, how do you make a decision? Connecting to another person, especially a significant other, puts you on the fast-track to happiness, helping uncover hidden answers where everyone wins. Don’t believe me? Are you finding it difficult to connect? Do you find it easier to interact with other people because your once-true-love is now clingy or distant (or just plain crazy!)? That’s okay, there is help available! Watch this quick video to learn about the kind of relationship you are in, and how to make it better.

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Power and connection

Do you want to feel better about yourself? Do you want to know that your projects will succeed and your family will thrive and all your ambitions will be realized? Without a sense of personal power, none of this is possible.

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Want to win the money game?

Let’s talk about money.

Why do some people have it while others don’t? Why are some people able to make
more and more and more of it while other people seem to struggle with holding on to
it long enough to ensure their basic survival? Money seems pretty complicated, but
here’s the secret:

Money is like love: when you don’t have it, it’s all you can think about.

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A Note to the Angry People…

I am tired of angry people.

You know that grumpy person in your family or friend circle that is always upset or on edge about something?  I think this behaviour has gone on long enough, and I am speaking out about it today. There is this uncomfortable undercurrent of prickliness that some of us live with day in and day out, within our families and our workplaces, and no matter how drawn we are to peace, there is the angry person watching from the sidelines, just waiting for a chance to explode, or to make a sarcastic comment, or to huff and puff like a little child throwing a tantrum.

Well, this is my tantrum!

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