Do you fight fair?

Couples fight. Whether they have been together for ages or are just in the beginning phases of getting to know each other, couples fight. And it’s okay to fight. I have learned there is only one way to have a productive fight, and that is to fight fair. Generally, when things get heated in a relationship, we tend to do one of three things. Read More

Who is the real bully?

You thought bullying just happened to little kids at school, right? Wrong! This week, I experienced grown-up bullying. The thing about grown-up bullying is that it comes in many forms. Some of it is obvious, like the customer who is rude to the sales rep or the driver who yells at you from inside his car. The kind of bullying that gets under my skin is the sneaky kind. You know, the little sarcastic comments that are supposed to be “a joke” but cut like a knife. Read More

Be willing to commit

Commitment isn’t easy, but it is required. For the life you really want, you must commit. I see the impact of commitment on the people I work with. For years, they say they want something, a new job, a better relationship with their kids, a happier marriage. Yet when it comes time to commit to their changes required, they get scared. Read More

What’s the big deal about breathing anyway?

I think breathing is important. Seems like a pretty obvious statement, right? But even though we do it every day, for hours at a time, very few of us actually pay attention to our breathing. Two years ago, I met a holy man from the Himalayas that lives in a humble shack wearing nothing but two pieces of cotton cloth through the cold winters in the mountains. He told me that we enter this life with a certain number of breaths available to us. Our last breath is already counted. Read More

Relax in your space

Do you have a room of your own? Do you have a space in your home or garden that is just for you, that is your sanctuary? If not, I suggest one. Yesterday, we rolled up our sleeves and re-arranged our storage room. What used to just hold our extras is now a colorful and cozy relaxing room. Read More