1:1 Counselling

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“Is something wrong?”

How would you honestly answer that question?

If you know something is wrong, and you are ready to fix it, you are in the right place. It takes courage to admit you have a problem, and if you can be brave enough for just a little while longer, there are solutions just around the corner.

There are so many approaches to counselling, ranging from individual talk therapy to group support, and each practitioner will have their unique skill set and expertise. In general, counselling is a catch-all term for helping someone get through a problem. There are all kinds of counsellors, each with their speciality area.

Transpersonal counselling (also called Transpersonal Psychotherapy) approaches clients holistically, taking into account their current issues, their past circumstances and influences, their emotional needs, their physical health and well-being, the cultures that influence them, their social support systems, their spiritual belief systems, and their personality assets.

Using a tools from a variety of theories in psychology, transpersonal counsellors are able to navigate through different paradigms and techniques to give the client the interventions that will be most useful and immediate in their return to wholeness.

The counsellor attunes to the client, and then is generously willing see beyond any current limitations to the intrinsic health and wholeness of the client. The role of the transpersonal counsellor is to help the client to remember and re-connect with his or her own inner guidance system so that the need for a counsellor is only a short term interruption in the general “I can do it” feeling and mindset of the client.