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Listen In : Talking About Love

What is it about love that makes us so crazy? What is it about those three little words that give men clammy hands and women the butterflies? Is there such a thing as “the one”? And if there is, why haven’t you found him or her yet? Listen here as Dr. Saira helps unravel the mysteries of love.
Level 1 Pranic Healing
Saturday May 3 2014
Sunday May 4 2014
$375 / person
Payment plans available
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Client Testimonial

[Dr. Saira] is very knowledgable and sensitive. Her sessions always provide a safe and enlightening healing opportunity. I highly encourage others to partake in them.

- Name omitted for confidentiality, Healthcare Professional from BC, Canada

Healing Relationships

You are a naturally social creature. But you are also a private being that needs time alone to reflect and re-charge. You will have a personal balance point of how much you want to be around others and how much alone-time you need. But whether you are a social butterfly or a wall-flower, how you interact with the people around you tells you something important about your belief system.

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